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NaukaBezGranic: British Festivals and Traditions, 22.03.16, Wrocław.
Richie Mullaney brings us through a top few of his neighbours weird & wonderful customs & traditions. Britain has a rich history of multicultural influences which have led to an extraordinary amount of bizarre traditions between the three countries, but which country out does them all? We’ll compare the three countries top customs and try some out for ourselves! A little sneak peek to the agenda, we’ve got cheese rolling, Morris dancing, Hocktide, pancake racing & bog snorkelling! Up Helly Aa, Haxey Hood & Beltane….what are these? Let’s look at some of the oldest festivals in human history, celebrated exclusively in the United Kingdom!
Playmeandlearn.com: Ekscytujące warsztaty z pasjonatami nauczania w grupach...02.04.16, Gdańsk.
Zapraszamy Was na sześć ekscytujących warsztatów z pasjonatami nauczania j.angielskiego w grupach dziecięcych i młodzieżowych.
NaukaBezGranic: Easter Time Fun and Games. Warsztat interaktywny, 22.03.16, Wrocław.
Egg tapping, egg dancing, egg rolling, egg tossing, egg painting, egg hunting. From the coral reefed coast of Oz to the Pacific coast of the U.S.A with the old cousin countries of Ireland and Britain in between everybody is going egg crazy with egg games at Easter and not just the English speaking world, you can find many of these games played by other European countries that share a history with them too.
SIEĆ PROBLEMOWA skierowana do nauczycieli różnych poziomów edukacji
NaukaBezGranic: Irish Myths and Legends, 21.03.16, Warszawa.
Ireland’s long history is riddled with ancient mythology and folklore. Ireland’s ancient societies, the Druids and the Celtics, believed in the power of magic and many of these beliefs spread to modern day legends. We invite the students to the world of magic and fairy tales because reality has limits, imagination is boundless!
NaukaBezGranic: Easter Fun and Traditions, 21.03.16, Warszawa.
Around the world, different cultures, countries and communities have their own traditions to celebrate the Easter holiday. As Catholics and Protestants gather in churches across the globe to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, people everywhere are celebrating in their own ways by eating chocolate bunnies, going on Easter egg hunts or even pretending to be crime detectives.
NaukaBezGranic: Ireland: Fight for Freedom, warsztat, 21.03.16, Szczecin.
“Give us the future..we’ve had enough of your past..give us back our country to live in—to grow in..to love.” Michael Collins, Irish Leader. Richie will take students through the Irish rebellion of 1916 in honour of its centennial anniversary. Learn how the Irish gained there freedom after 800 years of suppression under British rule, and how this little island became famous for its passion & it’s pride.
Wydawnictwa Cornelsen i BC Edukacja oraz PASE: Warsztaty Andrei Finster, 01.04.16, Warszawa.
Innowacyjne metody nauczania języka niemieckiego - Die neue Dimension des Deutschlernens.
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